Contact USA Basketball

There are several ways in which fans, officials, media, coaches, players and family members can contact the USA Basketball staff.

You may write a letter, call or fax the USA Basketball office:
USA Basketball
5465 Mark Dabling Boulevard
Colorado Springs, CO 80918-3842
Telephone: 719-590-4800
Fax: 719-590-4811

All media inquiries should be directed to Craig Miller, Caroline Williams or Jenny Maag in the USA Basketball communications department at 719-590-4800.

All Letter of Clearance inquiries should be sent to: This is for Letters of Clearance ONLY. It is NOT for general inquiries.

For Fan Mail / general inquiries only, send your message via This e-mail address is not always checked daily and due to the volume of messages received by USA Basketball, it is not always possible to respond in a timely manner. And please, do not send attachments, as any emails containing attachments WILL be deleted.

Athlete Letters
Because USA Basketball does not have contact with athletes on a daily basis (unless it's during training or competition), we cannot give your letters to an athlete. Instead, please write to him or her at the address above and we will try to forward it.

For a copy of USA Basketball's 990 tax return, please contact Brent Baumberger at USA Basketball (719) 590-4800 or click here.