USA Men's U19 World Championship Team History

NOTE: The FIBA U19 World Championship was formerly known as the FIBA Junior World Championship; FIBA changed the names of its age-based World Championships in 2005 to reflect the age of eligibility.

All-Time FIBA U19 World Championship for Men Results

June 27-July 7, 2013 Prague, Czech Republic 1st-USA; 2nd-Greece; 3rd-Croatia; 4th-Australia; 5th-Argentina; 6th-Puerto Rico; 7th-Canada; 8th-France; 9th-Lithuania; 10th-Spain; 11th-Egypt; 12th-Kazakhstan; 13th-New Zealand; 14th-Angola; 15th-Iran; 16th-Syria.
June 30 - July 10, 2011 Liepaja, Valmiera and Riga, Latvia 1st-Lithuania; 2nd-Serbia; 3rd-Russia; 4th-Argentina; 5th-USA; 6th-Australia; 7th-Poland; 8th-Croatia; 9th-Brazil; 10th-Latvia; 11th-Canada; 12th-Egypt; 13th-China; 14th-Taiwan; 15th-South Korea; 16th-Tunisia.
July 2-12, 2009 Auckland, New Zealand 1st-USA; 2nd-Serbia; 3rd-Lithuania; 4th-Australia; 5th-Spain; 6th-Canada; 7th-China; 8th-Croatia; 9th-Russia; 10th-Brazil; 11th-Iran; 12th-Argentina; 13th-South Korea; 14th-Czech Republic; 15th-Ivory Coast; 16th-Senegal.
July 12-22, 2007 Novi Sad, Serbia 1st-Serbia; 2nd-USA; 3rd-France; 4th-Brazil; 5th-Australia; 6th-Argentina; 7th-Turkey; 8th-Spain; 9th-Lithuania; 10th-Canada; 11th-South Korea; 12th-China; 13th-Nigeria; 14th-Lebanon; 15th-Mali; 16th-Puerto Rico.
July 10-20, 2003 Thessaloniki, Greece 1st-Australia; 2nd-Lithuania; 3rd-Greece; 4th-Croatia; 5th-USA; 6th-Puerto Rico; 7th-Slovenia; 8th-Turkey; 9th-Venezuela; 10th-Argentina; 11th-Nigeria; 12th-South Korea; 13th-Angola; 14th-China; 15th-Malaysia; 16th-Iran.
July 15-25, 1999 Almada and Lisbon, Portugal 1st-Spain; 2nd-USA; 3rd-Croatia; 4th-Argentina; 5th-Australia; 6th-Russia; 7th-Greece; 8th-Brazil; 9th-Latvia; 10th-Qatar; 11th-Nigeria; 12th-Venezuela; 13th-Egypt; 14th-Japan; 15th-China; 16th-Portugal.
July 12-22, 1995 Athens, Greece 1st-Greece; 2nd-Australia; 3rd-Spain; 4th-Croatia; 5th-Lithuania; 6th-Argentina; 7th-USA; 8th-France; 9th-China; 10th-Puerto Rico; 11th-Nigeria; 12th-Venezuela; 13th-Italy; 14th-Angola; 15th-South Korea; 16th-Jordan.
July 18-24, 1991 Edmonton, Canada 1st-USA; 2nd-Italy; 3rd-Argentina; 4th-Yugoslavia; 5th-Romania; 6th-Spain; 7th-Brazil; 8th-Canada; 9th-Soviet Union; 10th-China; 11th-Australia; 12th-Syria; 13th-Angola; 14th-Uruguay; 15th-Nigeria; 16th-Japan.
July 29- Aug. 5, 1987 Bormio, Italy 1st-Yugoslavia; 2nd-USA; 3rd-Italy; 4th-Germany; 5th-Australia; 6th-Canada; 7th-Soviet Union; 8th-Puerto Rico; 9th-China; 10th-Brazil; 11th-Taipei; 12th-Nigeria.
Aug. 14-28, 1983 Palma de Mallorca, Spain 1st-USA; 2nd-Soviet Union; 3rd-Brazil; 4th-Spain; 5th-Germany; 6th- Italy; 7th-Argentina; 8th-Yugoslavia; 9th-Dominican Republic; 10th-Australia; 11th-China; 12th-Uruguay; 13th-Angola; 14th-Canada.
Aug. 15-25, 1979 Salvador, Brazil 1st-USA; 2nd-Brazil; 3rd-Argentina; 4th-Yugoslavia; 5th-Soviet Union; 6th-Italy; 7th-Canada; 8th-Uruguay; 9th-Australia; 10th-Philippines; 11th-Panama; 12th-Egypt.