FIBA Rules of the Game Presented By State Farm Auto Insurance

  • Duration of Game: Four, 10 minute quarters

  • Overtime Duration: 5 minutes

  • Length of Halftime: 15 minutes

  • Duration Between First-Second and Third-Fourth Periods: 2 minutes

  • Court Length: 91 feet, 10 inches x 49 feet, 2.5 inches

  • Size of Lane: 16 feet, 1 inch x 19 feet, 0.3 inches / 4.88m x 5.79m

  • Three-Point FG Distance: 22 feet, 1.75 inches / 6.75 m

  • No Charge Semicircles: Yes (1.25m from center of basket)

  • Shot Clock: 24 seconds

  • Shot Clock Reset: Reset to 14 seconds when FG attempt hits rim and rebound is grabbed by offensive team

  • Advance Ball to Halfcourt at Timeout: Yes, last two minutes of 4th quarter and OT (to top of 3-point line)

  • Back Court Violation: 8 seconds

  • Game Clock Stops after Successful FG: Last two minutes of 4th period and overtime

  • Player Foul Limit: 5 or 2 technical/unsportmanship fouls

  • Bonus Free Throw: 5th foul per quarter (two FTs)

  • Number of Players Permitted On Free Throw Lane: 5 (three defensive, two offensive)

  • Jump Ball: Teams alternate possession after opening tip-off

  • Legal Alley-Oop: Yes

  • Touch Ball On/Above Cylinder: Yes

  • Closely Guarded For Five Seconds: Yes, while holding the ball

  • Defensive 3 Seconds: No

  • Flopping Rule: Yes

  • Timeouts - Non-TV Game: Two 60-second in the 1st and 2nd quarters, three 60-second in the 3rd and 4th quarters

  • Timeouts - TV Game: Up to one additional TV timeout is permissible per quarter. Teams get two 60-second in the 1st and 2nd quarters, 3 60-second in the 3rd and 4th quarters

  • Timeouts - Overtime: 1 additional 60-second

  • Timeouts Called By: Coach

  • Number of Referees: Three

  • Size of Basketball: Women's: size 6 || Men's: size 7

  • Legal Jersey Numbers: All numbers (00, 0-99)

  • Official FIBA Rules & International Court Diagram (PDF)
  • FIBA 3x3 Rules

    NOTE: for the complete FIBA 3x3 rules, please go to

    Team roster
    Four (4) players.
    Three (3) + One (1) substitute.
    Game must start with 3 (three) players in elite competitions.
    Game duration
    10 minutes total playing time or until one team scores 21 points.

    Note: if a game clock is not available, running time length is at organizer's discretion. FIBA recommends setting score limit in line with the game duration [10 minutes/10 points; 15 minutes/15 points; 20 minutes/21 points].
    Initial possession
    Coin flip.

    Note: The team that wins the coin flip decides whether it takes the ball or leaves it, in order to get it in a potential overtime.
    First team to score two (2) points wins the game.
    One (1) and Two (2) pointers.

    Note: a regular field goal is worth one point, field goal beyond the arc is worth two points.
    Shot clock
    12 seconds.

    Note: If a shotclock device is not available, referee to warn and count down the 5 (five) last seconds.
    Score limit
    21 points.

    Note: The first team in regulation time to score 21 points, regardless of time remaining, is declared the winner.
    Possession following a successful field goal
    Defense possession right underneath the hoop, ball to be dribbled or passed to a player behind the arc.
    Defensive team not allowed to play for the ball inside the "no-charge semi-circle area underneath the basket.
    Possession following a dead ball
    Check ball Exchange behind the arc (at the top).
    Following a steal, a turnover, a defensive rebound, etc.
    Ball to be dribbled/passed behind the arc.
    Following a jumpball situation
    Defense possession.
    Following a shooting foul
    One (1) free-throw.
    Two (2) free-throws, if foul committed behind the arc.
    Foul limit per player
    Four (4).
    Foul limit per team
    Six (6).
    Penalty situation
    One (1) free-throw.
    Penalty situation for team fouls 7, 8 and 9
    2 free throws.
    Penalty situation for team fouls 10 and more
    2 free throws and ball possession.
    In dead ball situations, prior to the check ball. The substitute can enter the game after his/her teammate steps off the court and establishes a physical contact with him/her behind the end line opposite the basket. Substitutions require no action from the referees or table officials.
    One (1) or two (2).
    Time/ Score Keeper(s)
    Up to two (2).
    One (1) per team and two TV-time outs, if any, at first dead ball after 6:59 and 3:59 dead ball, 30 seconds.


    • A player is considered to be "behind the arc if neither of his feet are inside nor step on the arc
    • Official FIBA Basketball Rules apply for all game situations not specifically mentioned above